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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



My mission is to work in my Children's Center together with the families, establishing a close working relationship between the families and myself, I am always looking for strategies that make this possible, and support the needs of the children through different activities in order for them to develop into children who will be happy and responsible adults.


As a teacher, I understand that every day and in so many ways (verbal and non-verbal) my values ​​and attitudes are transmitted to the children. My role is to ensure that day by day I will instill important values such ​​as Responsibility, Laboriousness, Fellowship, Honesty, Loyalty, Humility, Nonviolence, and Love.  In the coming years, they will become an adult capable of establishing a positive relationship, resolve conflicts and achieve goals.

We speak Spanish


Activities your child will engage in:

Arts and Crafts, Music, Stories, Poems, Books, Flannel Stories, Exercises, Self-Initiated Game, Numbers and counting, Letter Recognition, Social Development, and Individual Play Time. 


The play centers include:

Dramatic Area, Block Area, Puzzle and Books Area, Arts Area, Playground, and much more.


As part of the high-quality program that is offered,  the month of your child's birthday or six months later, parents will have the opportunity to complete a developmental assessment called "Ages and Stages Questionnaire". This screening process is a tool to help you assess your child's development and growth.

Parents can be sure that their children are well cared for in a happy and safe environment.

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